Shopping online with VixenQue is as easy as 1-2-3. Please follow the in-depth explanation of a 2 minutes 39 seconds order placement process below.

We are only counting the speed from the moment we have selected all we need to payment completion. You may take a much shorter time than us depending on many factors like internet speed, shorter delivery address and more. With that said, please take it as an estimate and ensure all information you keyed in is accurate.

Step 1

Once you have identified the item that you wish to purchase, Click on the "Add to Cart" button to send the item to your cart.

How to buy - Step 1 (VixenQue)


At this point, you may continue shopping by adding more items to your cart before proceed to checkout. 

Step 2

Once you are done shopping, proceed to checkout by hovering or clicking on the "shopping bag (cart)" icon on top right of the website.

How to buy - Step 2 - Vixenque


Alternatively, you may review your selection by clicking VIEW CART then check out once you are happy with it.

Step 3

Upon checkout, fill in all the delivery information required. 

It is important to ensure that all information given are correct to enjoy a flawless delivery experience.

How to buy - Step 3 - Vixenque

Step 4

Review the delivery address you inputted and pick the delivery method you want based on the speed and cost. Then continue towards the payment method page.

How to buy - Step 4 - VixenQue

Step 5

In the payment step, choose paypal for credit card payment or molpay for every other payment channels like Maybank2u, Cimbclick, 7-11 Cash and more.

If you wish to bank in the money through a cash deposit machine, select the Bank Deposit Option and follow the instructions given. Please be informed that it may require up to 3 working days to process your payment.

How to buy - Step 5 - Vixenque

Step 6

Hit the complete order button if you are happy with all the information you have inputted. This will confirm your order (given if your payment is successful).

How to buy - Step 6 - Complete Order VixenQue

Step 7 

If you choose to pay with PayPal, simply follow the instruction and register to Paypal if required to complete your purchase.

If you select Molpay, you can select more payment channels by clicking the Payment Option button on top right of the page.

Please be informed that you should not attempt to change any information on this page or your payment attempt will fail. The information displayed is only for you to review them.

Once you are happy with your payment channel selection (whether it's maybank2u or cimbclick etc.), hit the "Pay Online" button to proceed to your respective channel payment page.

You will be prompted to carry on your payment confirmation through your selected payment channels.  

How to pay with Molpay - VixenQue
How to pay with Molpay - VixenQue - Step 2

Once you have completed the payment channel verification step, hit the confirm button and you are done! The next page displayed should tell you if you have successfully placed an order on VixenQue.


Do you have more questions?

You may refer to our FAQ section to see if they are already answered. You may also contact us directly at