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Bored of the normal security camera you had installed in your office or at home yet? Bet you never even thought of that, ever. It is probably the time to reassess your alternative with the newly introduced Ulo, The Owl Security Camera that happens to come with the cutest design you could probably never ever imagine having.  


Why is it the cutest, you ask? Just look at this!

Ulo - The CUTEST Security Camera for your home

Primed to be an interactive owl surveillance camera, the cutest one you have ever seen, Ulo is capable of producing several different expressions under different circumstances to create an organic, non-verbal communication opportunity. For example, Ulo would look really tired when the battery is low, wink when you are taking a snapshot controlled from your mobile phone app, and the eyes follow the movement as you can see from the image above.


Ulo by Vivien Muller

Now, tell me. Don't you want this cute home monitoring owl keeping you connected with your home or office? 


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