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Malaysian is crazy about shopping, which is why Warehouse Sale is a great hit here. If you are a true shopper at heart, you must have been one of these warehouse sales in Malaysia. If you haven't been to any, you simply do not know what you have been missing.

10. Zara, Bershka Pull&Bear Warehouse Sale

Many companies have reported missing staffs case during working hours. What used to be a quiet venue has turned alive. Traffic has turned from bad to worst with many visitors unable to find parking inside or outside the venue. Some even parked opposite crossing the dangerous highway just to get to the event hall for their fair share of shopping loot. Patience tested as shoppers queue for hours, but everyone share the same mission. SAPU is the only word screaming in their head. Nothing else matters. The crazy level fully deserving of the first spot on the list but is only no.10 because the author is an ass. 

and the queue goes on and on and on; images via Pearl Point Shopping Mall


9. Mattel Warehouse Sale

Kids SCREAM! Mummy and daddy going to war for toys you love! Find a super wide selection of toys and one of the craziest long queues for warehouse sale in Malaysian history. Don't believe? Watch the video below.

credit to everydayonsales


8. Adidas  Mid-Year  Bazaar

Getting a new Adidas shoes at the price of RM90 at most may sound too good to be true. However, the craziest task you have here is to find the design and size you want buried in the quicksand of footwears. Your challenge doesn't just lie on finding them but also be the first to grab them as there are many others like you who are making things a lot more difficult looking for the one they want as well. 

images via themalaymailonline


7. Branded Bags Warehouse Sale

Getting luxury fashion items at a fraction of its original price is certainly something to shout about. Ever dreaming of owning a Prada, Burberry, YSL, Celine or even Michael Kors at half price? That dream is not too distant anymore. There are several warehouse sale organizer you can certainly go to grab yourself a branded bag or wallet. The crazy part? You be the judge.

Images via viralcham.com


6. Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale

Charles & Keith collaborated with Victoria Secret and Flow & Pedro to offer a wide range of shoes, bags and cosmetics. Basically all the essentials of getting a girl happy can be found here. The collaboration further provided men who accompany their friends & family, something to look forward to. The crazy result is? Fully packed concourse area in a mall where the excitement element isn't a norm.

Images via jessytheklchic.com 


5. Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

The largest book sale is one of the most anticipated sale event in Malaysia every year. It is not surprising that most people would visit the sale and grab themselves up to 20 books to read the over the course of a year. The selection is vast and you may just about to find anything you want to read here and only ever need to pay a fraction of its retail price. The crazy part? The sea of books. So, best tip of the day is to research and write down a list of books you want before visiting or else, you will end up spending few days here. You definitely won't complain at all, though, Ouuuuuu!


4. Estee Lauder Staff Sale

This is an exclusive event with tickets only distributed to friends and family. With that said, you may be able to grab a ticket or two from your beauty advisor. You may even expect with such 'private' event, the attendance rate isn't going to be high. How wrong can you be?

Image via street-love.net


3. Mondelez Clearance Sale @ Harbour Place, Klang

Who could resist snacks? I bet you couldn't hence that is how the story flows. Featuring all kind of snacks that Malaysian love and trust, at an eye-catching price, it is no surprise to us that it has been causing all these jams *-seriously-*. 

Images via reloadfood.com


2. Vincci Warehouse Sale

You probably haven't really heard of how many pairs of shoes your friends or relatives have gotten themselves during the recent VINCCI Warehouse Sale. Did it happen? Did it not? Well, the answer is it got canceled before it even started. 

Image via Cempedak Cheese/Facebook

Things got out of control very quickly when a few impatient shoppers start climbing over the wall to force their way in. VINCCI's management finally decided after a few hours that the crowd is too much for them to handle and send them home without ever opening the sale door. If you have been dreaming of all the new pairs of shoes, bet you couldn't sleep that night thinking what could have been.

Image via Cempedak Cheese/Facebook


1. H&M x Balmain Sale 2015

H&M has been a great hit whenever they announce a collaboration with a designer on a yearly basis. This rare collaboration with the French haute couture label is giving up the impression that a luxury clothing line bearing the Balmain's signature designs and prints is finally available at an affordable price. What may seem unreachable with the average pricing of RM5000 for the mid-income tier peeps is now made available at the starting price of RM200. They have every right to scream their way in. I would ... except they waited close to 50 hours for the chance of a piece.


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Have you been to any crazy warehouse sales? Do share your experience with us ;)


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