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A women's bag can fit many occasion, but not every bags are designed to accommodate your every need. Learn what is available in the market right now to help you make the right choice.

Let us quickly kill off one myth that says "You can find a bag that can fit every occasion". You simply cannot. You can have one favourite one which you use regularly. Then many other bags for many different occasion. There are simply no answer to women's obsession to bags. Whether splurging to chase the latest trend or to find one that fit certain outfit. You will end up growing your bags collection indefinitely. 

Research indicates that one in ten women own at least 15 handbags! The average amount spent on each new handbag is RM250. Nearly half say they own a collection of at least seven different handbags. That is 2.5 times more than men but that is only because men have limited choices. But how will you use all these bags? You ought to have an everyday bag for city dwellers, a lightweight cross-body bag rather than a leather satchel with short handles. For work, you might choose a classic shoulder bag that offers much room for you to keep all necessities and perhaps even tablet and some paperwork. You see, there is always another bag for another purpose. So let us start with educating ourselves on what type of women handbags are available in the market right now.




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