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Did you know that there are more than hundred of ways to wear a scarf? Get some style tips on how to wear a scarf for any occasion. We promise you are gonna love them!

In Malaysia, headscarves are pretty common amongst us and yet there are still many unaware of how versatile a scarf can be. You can drape it around your neck or tie a knot, wear it as a headband or tie it around your waist. Get a thick and cozy one for rainy days in the office and a lighter one for a normal sunny day. It can easily become one of your favorite fashion accessories kicking your overall look up a notch. Here are some ways to wear a scarf:

Start by watching the video below:



Did we mention that scarf can be worn differently? Here's how:

Source: Pintast.com

Source: xssatstreetfashion

There's more to scarves than meet the eye, that's for sure. Last but not least, if you decided not to wear them, you can always tie them to a bag to add a little chic element to it. It also helps to protect the handle!

Hope all these helped inspire you. What is your favorite style with the scarf? We are eager to know!

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