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You have probably given these as a gift. It is a mistake. A Christmas gifting crime to commit and many still are oblivious, you could be one of them! No matter who you are giving them to, friends, family, NOW is time to be considerate. Put an end on gifting ideas so bad even the Grinch aren't coming to steal your presents.

Being considerate as mentioned earlier, does not mean you should go over the hill to find the best Christmas gift of the planet *rinse and repeat every year*. In fact, studies show that most horrible Christmas gifts are given by the most considerate people. Ho~ Ho~ Ho~ CONTRADICTION! Yes, it is! It is often that gift givers are too absorbed in the scenario where they picture the moment when the gift receivers receive the gift, the expression they make, being surprised, gratified. Sentimental gift givers are often thinking and trying to do too much when most gift receivers only seek practicality. It could have been easier and happier to just ask.

Let's think about it. What are they chances you could hit the jackpot and get the receiver what they are actually wishing for? There are gazillions of products out there to choose from and even if you hit one, the fortune wheel may have missed on you. You may become the victim of a Christmas gifting crime, being left disappointed and hoping for a better Christmas next year. The cycle continues.

With that said, we are still pretty sure you are going the sentimental way. That is perfectly fine but if you have been thinking of buying any of the gifts we listed below or perhaps you have even received them, then it is time to join us as we form the band to fight against Christmas gifting cruelty. Let's end the abuse. Start being practical!


1. Decoration Items

Photo Frame Gift

Picture frames, vase, inspirational cubes, tick-tock balls. The list goes on and on and on. You get the idea, anything related to decorating anything at all is a big NO, NO. Not even the most relevant Christmas Tree decoration. Oh, if you are thinking of snow globes, you deserve a spot at the highest peak of Hall of Shame. Head straight to the Santa office for some counselling.


2. Water or Food Container

Gift Mugs

The biggest culprit here is Mug. Million of mugs are given out during Christmas day. No prison is big enough to hold all these wrongdoers. Lucky you. Sisters in crime like Tupperware, tumbler, glasses, cups, should be crossed out of the list as well. And no, certain Coffee Brand's Tumbler even with its growing popularity, cannot be justified as a good gift. Popping up with these gift sets or tumbler simply indicate that you are not giving it much thought and went for the easy solution.   


3. Condoms

Condoms as gift

It is Christmas and you are forbidding that person to reproduce. Whether it is meant as a joke or you actually meant it, nobody would appreciate such a gift. Not to mention, this is one of the most inconvenient gifts you can give to anyone at all. Your ignorant idea may cause so many potential problems to the receiver. Unless of course, he/she is in your hate list then this could shoot all the way up to the top of the most desirable gift to consider. Otherwise, reconsider your options. 


4. Christmas Clothes

Christmas Sweater

Believe it or not but these holiday-themed apparels are HOT Buy but not as a gift. You would probably spend so much time picking one you think is best suited for him or her but they will never see the light out of the wardrobe at all. If you are thinking about it, forget it this instance. Moving on...


5. Skincare Products

Beauty Box Christmas Gift

Packaged nicely for Christmas, many of you would have thought of gifting these for your mom and your mother in law but never your girlfriend because they will literally slaughter you with the blunt end of a knife just so you will suffer more. Let's face the reality. Your mother and mother in law hate that gift, but they love you. Thank you for reminding them of their wrinkles, my friend.


6. Socks, Undergarments

Christmas Socks

Regardless what brand they may be or how expensive they could be, nobody in their right mind will be wishing they get a pair of sock or undergarments for Christmas. If you are even able to shop for a bra as a man, be lauded as hero by the promoter, quickly you will be brought back down to earth and sent to the deepest pit of hell by your spouse. "That's where you belong" she said. Just about everyone would've agreed.


7. The Gift of Nothing

Gift of Nothing
Gift of Nothing 2

You're lost. You wandered, but countless dead-ends drove you to the ultimate gift of nothingness. To give for the sake of giving. You have nothing better to offer! Either take it or leave it. It doesn't matter anymore. If you meant this as a joke or planning for something of equivalent (for example, box in a box in a box or infinite layers of wrapping paper all leading to an empty box) then you deserve to be cast to the black void of space. Christmas is all about joy and laughter. If the end result of your gifting resulted in anything but that, then you have committed a crime of Christmas!

Do you agree with the list? Let us know the worst gift you have ever received. We may even add them to the list!



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